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Preventive Care

Prevention is the key to your pet’s long-term health. Ponce veterinarian, Dr. Oppenheimer, at Hospital de Animales Perla del Sur recommends that your pet receive a complete pet wellness examination at least once a year, but more frequently for senior pets. Our preventive approach allows us to detect potential medical issues before they become serious health concerns and expensive to treat.

Pet Wellness Exams

Each wellness visit allows us to either prevent disease entirely or detect it in its earliest stages. The sooner we detect an illness, the sooner we can treat it and prevent it from progressing. We routinely rely on diagnostic tests for a thorough internal examination, which allows us to provide the most accurate treatment recommendations.

During your pet’s annual wellness exam we:

  • Examine teeth, throat, and oral cavity
  • Check vision and examine the eyes
  • Examine the ears for infection, ear mites, allergic reaction and other related health issues
  • Examine the respiratory system
  • Assess your pet’s heart
  • Test your pet’s reflexes
  • Palpate lymph nodes and abdomen
  • Inspect the skin
  • Palpate joints and muscles for arthritis and other orthopedic conditions
  • Test to evaluate the function of internal organs, blood, and other systems